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Faith Based Organization Training Program 

What Every Leader Must Know About Prevention Allegations of Sexual Misconduct 

~ Training Modules ~

•Module 1: Why This Training is Necessary-Exposing the


•Module 2: Biblical and Legislative Statues Prohibiting Sexual


•Module 3: Understanding Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of

Sexual Misconduct- NEW! Sexual Harassment and Sex

Discrimination Issues Pertaining to Sexual Orientation and

Gender Identity

•Module 4: Ministerial Sexual Misconduct and the Dynamics That Can

Attribute to It

•Module 5: Identifying Sexual Abusers – Who They Are and How They

Operate – NEW! Responding to False Allegations of Misconduct

•Module 6: Understanding Organizational Culture and Sexual Abuse

•Module 7: Leadership’s Responsibility to Prevent

•Module 8: Practical Strategies to Avert Sexual Misconduct Before it Begins

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