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Cost effective high quality on-site training and consulting services.


The following is a list of services that we offer. Please contact us to let us know how we can assist you. Courses may be custom designed to meet your specific needs.

Safe Organization Training 

  • On-Site & Customized Training- Our highly skilled trainers come to your business, school, faith or other non-profit organization and  present our training courses. We can work with your organization to tailor classes meeting the specific needs of the participants. Realize significant savings in time and dollars by eliminating the need for off-site travel. Greater savings result when organizations provide training space and multi-media equipment.

  • Open Enrollment Training- Courses are offered as open enrollment for those organizations that need to train only a small number of people. Many sessions are offered at our corporate headquarters in the heart of America. We are located in Missouri, which is easily accessible to most states across the nation. In addition, sessions may be offered in our affiliate location in the beautiful Orlando, Florida resort area.
  • Business, Faith Organization, School, Convention, Alliances and Associations Training - Our Prevention Connection will  work with your business, school boards, as well as your  local, state and national faith denominational conventions to set up training sessions for their members and participants. These training sessions are presented at a specific locale at the pleasure of the host. We also work with corporate offices of nationwide companies to present training at their annual business conferences and conventions.

ATTENTION: Our courses have recently been revised to include an update on sexual identity/sexual orientation harassment issues. 


The following is a list of topics normally discussed during training sessions. Training courses can be custom designed to meet your particular organizational needs and budget. Topics include:

  • What you should do if you suspect child sexual abuse in your organization
  • The legal definition of sexual harassment
  • Types of sexual harassment, quid pro quo vs. hostile environment
  • The profiles of abusers, who they are and how they operate
  • How to draft an anti-sexual harassment and abuse policy
  • Leadership's responsibility for prevention
  • Workers' and laity's responsibility for prevention
  • What to do and what not to do if presented a sexual harassment complaint
  • How to preserve boundaries
  • What is a 3rd party sexual harassment complaint and how to reduce your risk for exposure to them.

  • How to avoid transference dynamics
  • How to draft procedures for addressing claims of sexual misconduct
  • Safeguards and strategies your organization should implement to prevent child sexual abuse
  • Strategies for screening and selecting employees and volunteers
  • How to develop guidelines on interaction between adults and children
  • Techniques for monitoring behavior and developing a check and balance system. Please click here to request  courses descriptions

Technical Assistance 

Subject matter specialist on the prevention of sexual harassment/misconduct and child sexual abuse work with your organization to perform a detailed risk assessment in order to identify areas of exposure in your organization. Based on our findings, specific action oriented programs are designed in order to address the risk factors and assist in developing an effective prevention program.

Services include assisting in developing:

  • Anti-Sexual Harassment and Child Sexual Abuse Policies
  • Procedures for addressing claims of sexual harassment/misconduct and suspected child sexual abuse
  • Guidelines on interaction between individuals and children
  • Techniques for monitoring behavior
  • Safeguards and strategies for screening and selecting employees and volunteers and more
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